Full name



Teli is a self-tutored art enthusiast and has always been fascinated by the beauty of Arts and designs ever since she could remember.

Being a computer game addict for years, she is fond of playing mmorpg of different varieties. She started doing graphics in a gaming forum to cater friend’s as well as Game master’s requests for forum signatures, game logos, and many others. She was also an honorable group founder and team leader in the gaming and graphics world alike.

Leaving the gaming world aside, she learned to develop her art skills more in the graphics community for 3 years sharing resources & tutorials, joining competitions and had been a staff in a numerous graphic forums. She likes helping out people, teaching new ones and encouraging them more into graphics as if like when she first started because she believes everyone has their own unique special talents.

She tried to master vexel/ vector one day – a very time consuming, detailed masterpiece. But for her ‘patience has always been a skill, and perseverance is an art’ they say.

This is her art. This is her passion. Enjoy!